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Our charges

At Simple PC Help, we believe in making sure our fees and charges are as affordable as possible. We do this by keeping our overheads low.

It helps if you pay us promptly. All our bills are payable within 7 days – see our Ts and Cs below. Please keep to this, as it saves admin costs and allows us to keep charges down for all our clients.

If you need us to carry out a large or long-term project, or set up a regular maintenance contract, we'll be happy to provide a quote, to make sure you're aware of the cost before you give us the go-ahead.

Whenever we can, we'll sort out your technology problems and maintenance by logging in remotely. If this isn't possible, we'll arrange to visit you, and this may cost slightly more.

Our charges include VAT.

Our payment terms and conditions

This bit of the website isn't very thrilling, but our accountant says we need it. Please keep to these Ts and Cs and we can all spend less time on boring admin or sorting out overdue bills.

1. All our bills are payable within 7 days. If you don't pay within that time, we'll send you a polite email to remind you.

2. If you don't pay within 14 days, we'll have to add a 'late payment fee' of £20.

3. If we send you an invoice by post, or attached to an email, please pay by bank transfer or cheque – we'll include all the bank and address details you need.

4. If we're working at your home or workplace and tell you what the bill is, you can pay us by cash or cheque straight away – that's easiest for everyone.

If you have any issues with our work or queries about our invoices, please get in touch and we'll do our best to sort things out quickly. Naturally we want to maintain a friendly and professional working relationship with you, so you'll keep using us for your PC and Mac support needs.

Missed appointments or collections

If you can't make an appointment you've arranged with us, or you want to cancel or rearrange a collection, we need at least 24 hours' notice.

If you miss an appointment or collection with less than 24 hours' warning, or you're not at home when we call at an agreed time, we'll add a 'missed appointment' charge equal to half an hour of our time.